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Prime Project

The future of web3 with avant-garde blockchain innovations

Web3 will lead a paradigm shift from the web as a publishing medium to a medium of interaction and participation.
Access web3 tools, protocols and democratic staking DAO. A beneficial crypto assets, partnerships, and technological platform for blockchain initiatives in development. A group formed to promote web3 and crypto community adaptation by means of planned expansion and investment expansion. The Primezone will function as an investment arm with a primary focus on blockchain-based business development. Utilizing our extensive network of contacts, knowledge, array of talents, tech advisors, VCs, and investors, we intend to provide value and accelerate expansion for initiatives that have a good chance of succeeding.

The Primezone; We invest in outstanding startups, competences & capitals

The primezone provides service opportunities for businesses, such as fundraising (money), market making, integrations, and large-scale development, with the intention of assisting blockchain entrepreneurs, groups, and project owners in achieving new advancements.
Developers can explore Primezone under the <Request, Build, Deploy/> program:
  • Build together: Empower startups with the expertise of founders, advisory and media group
  • Fundraising: Creating capital needed for developments, initial market liquidity and other resource
  • Long-term alliance: Offering global network of services and responsibility for projects under 6 months minimum duration development program.
The investment arm (Primezone) aimed at outstanding projects with competence offers investment benefits for token holders into potential blockchain innovations.

Primezone projects development flow:

Scope identity & build

Solution presentation

Staking & launch


A better web3

Primezone competitive features

  • Focus on developments nurturing startups new ideas and crystallise the ideas into a working business model. Primezone takes drives for long-term growth and sustainability, covering new projects up to 6 months from establishment.
  • Empowering blockchain entrepreneurs with no or minimal experience. Primezone offers project's managements, service networks, media groups and experts needed for startups.
  • Relational and innovative blockchain utility cases. Primezone will provide a vast pool of experts and mentors to develop purposeful startup ideas.
  • Fundraising and market production for blockchain innovations.

PRIME utility token

Access development build tools, primezone products/ projects, submit requests and do more with PRIME.
Smart contract address (BEP20): OxD46dE0736a4152784c3DOfcb83251E20D13C9D63
Contract Source Code (Solidity):


The maximum quantity of PRIME tokens is 50,000,000, and there is no minting function or transaction fee. The token's value is determined by the amount of demand it generates.
Distribution (%)
Fair-launch, initial liquidity
DAO, staking
Market making, CEX
Team, strategy, advisory
Nil: locked for 60 days
Incentives, reserve
Nil: locked for 90 days

Launch road-map: Quarter 2 - 3, 2023

  • Prime project & Primezone development: Resource, establishment, business model, roadmap, community campaign.
  • Prime Team onboarding and KYC
  • Prime utility token launch: Creation, deployment, token audit, & Initial coin offering
  • Market maker
  • Primezone members staking DAO
  • Primezone flagship project
  • Primezone <request, build, deploy/> blockchain pioneer program
  • 1swap automated market maker by Prime projects launch
  • 1swap token launch, airdrop for PRIME holders
  • New road-map release.

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